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There are three sorts of Arians the randy ram who's a bossy egoist, the bouncy baa lamb who's a wee bit innocent and the silly sheep who follows others. They're all shown on the card with Little Bo Beep, but which one will you be? Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and associated with assertiveness, action and adventure. The card is telling you to adopt a more dynamic and bolder approach to life, for taking a back seat or being a shrinking violet isn't the answer now. Seize the initiative and make the first move whenever possible, whether personally or professionally, otherwise important openings could pass you by. If you usually put other folk's needs before your own then you should act out of character and be a wee bit selfish for a change. It's also a good time to be frank, forthright and completely honest, so speak your mind and don't beat about the bush. Your current ring of confidence should give you a helping hand! Emotionally, you're lusty, lecherous and eager to put your fiery feelings into ardent actions, or maybe you're going to meet an Arian who acts like this and makes a big impression on you?

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