The card drawn is:


Folk born under the Chinese sign of the Boar love a simple life and are the salt of the earth. They take trials and tribulations in their stride and their patience and perseverance can set a shining example to others. However, they adore la doice vita and can really overdo the food and drink, as you can see on the card. Whatever your usual mode of life, you've got very simple tastes and needs at the moment. You're also eager to please, ensuring your popularity and making you great fun to be around. Family life's particularly important to you now for you're feeling very bighearted, but you'll also enjoy being with fond friends and close companions, especially if it's a good excuse for a party or celebration! In fact, if there's one thing you'll enjoy at the moment it's having a good time! Your current earthiness and steadfast ways mean you won't change tack once you've embarked on a particular path, even if it ends in disaster. Instead, you'll stick to your guns. You're also full of courage and fidelity now, and dear ones will be able to count on your love and support come what may. Endurance and patience are your watchwords now!

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