Birthday Today

Friday, July 20th 2018

People born on July 20 may be extremely good at sport and retain a lifelong interest in it. Their empathetic nature makes them spectacular at team sports or any other physical activity, such as boating, pot-holing, climbing or even exploring, which involves a close working relationship. In youth, days are spent messing about in playing fields and water or on horseback. These people are nearly always amazing with horses, showing no fear and forming an instant bond. Both sexes love to dance and can do it for most of the night. In career terms this little crabette with just the hintiest flicker of the lion's tail - Leo days are coming shortly - keeps her sporty hobbies. She will run an office team and organise summer picnics and outings where other companies are invited to compete. July 20 man is much the same. Both are popular with management, because everybody likes a sportsman and everybody likes fun. Many have a wide choice when it comes to work. They are good with words, fast with ideas and unusually visual. Plus a lot can sing well. Some flit from job to job, stepping from one career to another allied area. They make good agents, excellent publishers and being the first water sign, anything to do with water always attracts. Money has its attractions and most will acquire plenty. But they don't seek to display wealth, so the old tracksuit and trainers stay favourite and their posh clothes consist of matching well-cut suits and classy shoes. Not a person with a pigtail on top of his head and black nail varnish. Most houses are furnished discreetly and usually painted white or pale shades of peach and blue for bedrooms. There will be wall charts of birds and mushrooms, perhaps butterflies and insects, all mirroring July 20's outdoorsy style and interests. If they have children, they'll all go blackberry and mushroom hunting. Call my team of amazing psychics on 0906 539 1460 (£1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.)


In Tarot, the 20th card of the Major Arcana is The Awakening, sometimes known as The Judgement. This card reflects your innate stability and indicates a person who is not dazzled by money and understands the nature of accountability. Call my team of amazing psychics on 0906 539 1460 (£1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.)


Have you ever stopped eating something because it was bad for you, then discovered it was OK? Here are some abiding medical truths. Honey is not a healthy alternative sweetener. It's just a collection of sugars. Our bodies make four times as much cholesterol as we can possibly absorb from our food. No fat is entirely saturated or unsaturated. Cornflakes have more fibre than brown rice. White bread has more calcium than brown. Taste is the only difference between white and brown sugars. Aspirin does ward off senility. Soya contains more protein than beef. People who drink alcohol have fewer colds and suffer less from coronary heart disease. Call my team of amazing psychics on 0906 539 1460 (£1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.)

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