Birthday Today

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018

Speed and a longing for change are the characteristics of this individual. They talk fast, often with a winning charm and adore making deals. They put the fizz into conversation, but so keen are they on winning points that 'fact' can sometimes become a dirty word and dishonesty a virtue. May 23 should be extremely careful of this last characteristic. Sharp-witted May 23 often spots the shady area between truth and fiction and bamboozle colleagues, not always wittingly, but often with disastrous results. Frequently ignoring the maxim 'Neither a borrower nor a lender be', some openly regard banks and building societies as simply there to lend money, and they are remarkably good at getting it. Others are willing to put money into flash enthusiasms. At best, this makes May 23 a millionaire. At medium ... infuriating. At worst... there's a problem. Not always the most reliable lover, this individual has the sort of sparkling charm that can breach the toughest citadel and when they stay put there is no date in the year which provides a better companion. They are sexually adventurous, with a deep generosity to others. Almost nothing shocks them and they delight in theatrical bedroom games, taking champagne, chocolates, pots of delicious ice cream, strawberries and other tit-bits to the love nest. In consequence, because of the frequency of their loving. May 23 people may put on weight as will any companion fed with doughnuts and chocolate biscuits during the intermission. Part child themselves, they make excellent parents, spending time and using their imagination on their children's toys, inventing games and songs and generally creating treasured memories. This individual doesn't harbour unsuitable ambitions for his or her children, and can be relied upon to back them if schools complain. Some people born on this date become great inventors, benefitting mankind. Most are glamorous, capable of inspiring personal affection and if they become famous, the general public will always love them. Call my team of amazing psychics on 0906 539 1460 (£1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.)


Try to listen a little more to those around you. Remember you can make people unhappy simply by changing your plans all the time - even if it's just talk - especially when it physically affects them. Call my team of amazing psychics on 0906 539 1460 (£1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.)


The hyper side of this character often induces stress which May 23 sometimes tries to alleviate by smoking, drinking alcohol or gambling. These are stress inducers themselves. Let lavender oil come to your rescue. Lisa Leeson, wife of the jailed trader Nick Leeson, has survived her stress by soaking a pillow in lavender oil, a traditional aid to calm the mind and induce sleep. In a study at Oldham Cottage Hospital, one drop of essential oil of lavender was put on the pillows of the elderly patients each night. They slept better and showed a 50% improvement in alertness. Try it. Call my team of amazing psychics on 0906 539 1460 (£1.50 per minute, plus your phone providers access charge.)

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