Ask Russell!

“Anon from Burton on Trent asks about a plot at work”

March 19, 2018

I have a feeling I'm not liked at my work place and they are going to try and get rid of me..

Russell writes…

Virgo is a conscientious and careful worker and their diligence usually makes a good impression on their employers. Virgo is good at attending to details and hates to be rushed. Because of their strong powers of observation, they might also notice when their colleagues aren't paying attention and they will highlight any mistakes ensuring they are corrected before problems can result. As the old adage states: a stitch in time saves nine and often a Virgo's timely intervention will save the need for substantial later repairs. For this reason, Virgo is an asset to the workplace. Sudden opportunities will work out well for Anonymous over the months ahead and there will be professional changes but not as they are expecting. They should watch out for new opportunities and making the right move at the right time could land them a better job or a promotion.

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