Ask Russell!

“Shahzadi from London asks about a move”

February 19, 2018

Will a change happen in my family will we move away and live good there..?

Russell writes…

Gemini is a restless sign. They're always looking to what they want to do next and that's why they can sometimes feel unfulfilled even when life is good. Shahzadi is ready for change and finding a new place could also be the start of an exciting new chapter in her life. It might seem to take forever for her family to find the home that feels right for them and then they might find one quite suddenly in the summer. Change is on the cards for Shahzadi and while she waits, she might use this time to reflect on her life choices to make sure they are based on what might bring her joy and fulfilment in the future. Exploring her true feelings could lead her onto a new path that will lead to greater peace of mind and it may be that a house move is not the only change that will occur for Shahzadi, in 2018.

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