Ask Russell!

“Pam from London asks about Love and finances..?”

January 08, 2018

I've been single for 20 years. Will I ever meet a guy and fall in love and have money.

Russell writes…

Leos love to love and Pam who was born in 1967 will be no exception but for twenty years she has been single and she now craves romance. Being born under a Fire sign, Pam will have many interests. Creative hobbies, going out with friends and playing music will all keep her busy and enriched but she feels two things are missing from her life and these are: money and romance. Pam asks will she ever meet a guy and fall in love and will her financial situation improve. With Venus in Virgo and Mars in Scorpio in Pam's horoscope, she is looking for a solid, healthy relationship but she is starting to doubt that this might ever exist. She sets high standards in what she is looking for in a lover but she could be setting the bar too high. If a first date feels like a flop, Pam should give it another chance. Everyone has flaws and relationship bonds are built through compromise and negotiating issues when differences occur. There's a high chance that by July, Pam will feel she has found someone special. Finances will be up and down in 2018. A surprise sum of cash will be received by the spring but Pam should watch her spending in June and October.

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