Ask Russell!

“Virgo Shena from Birmingham asks about marriage..”

December 18, 2017

When will I marry and find my future husband..?

Russell writes…

With Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn also in Virgo, Shena will have high expectations about her future partner. She dreams of meeting someone who will love her, cherish her and help her become a better version of herself. Sheena would never rush into a relationship and she is patiently waiting to find her perfect partner. A loving relationship needs to provide Shena with a sense of security. She will need to feel her partner will always support her and will always be faithful. It might feel as if she will never find the love of her life but once she finds this special person, she will know that her patience has been worth it. Shena already knows the qualities she is most looking for in a partner and the qualities she doesn't want. It could be that she is setting her sights a little too high as no-one is perfect and she should be willing to compromise on some things. In 2018, Shena should make a point of joining groups and going to gatherings with friends. Her aim should be to have some fun and it could well be that in 2019 she will feel as if she has met the partner of her dreams.

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