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“Jeanni from Essex asks about her relationship and trust issues..”

December 05, 2017

My younger partner of 3 years keeps asking me to marry him, he has a lot of baggage from his past and on several occasions has given me good reasons to say “NO” he declares his devotion and love for me everyday, there is nothing he would not do for me. He works hard to build a lovely life and home for us. We can talk openly about anything and work through problems that arise and yet I find I have real big trust issues with him, it's killing me!

Russell writes…

When in doubt, trusting your head, not your heart can be the most sensible thing to do. With Mercury, Venus and Mars in Leo, Jeanni is romantic, generous, giving and the perfect wedding is all she dreams of. Cancerians are intuitive and although Jeanni enjoys a good emotional and spiritual link with her partner, intuitively she senses that to make such a big commitment isn't right for either of them at this time. With Pluto opposing her Sun, it is important for Jeanni to have a sense of control of her life. There will be changes in 2018 which could make her feel as if the rug has been pulled from under her feet and that's why she should continue to listen to her head and wait until she has no doubts before making such a big decision.

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