Ask Russell!

“Debs from Derbyshire asks about home and work..”

December 01, 2017

Decision time on house but and also work front. Confrontation or just move on..?

Russell writes…

Capricorn Debs has choices to make on both the home and work front and asks whether a confrontation is needed or should she just move on? Part of Deb's problem is that she doesn't want to rock the boat. She is feeling unsettled but with the Moon in Libra, she keeps putting other people's feelings in front of her own. This is a decision she should have made some time ago. Although Capricorns thrive on familiarity, with Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius, breaking new ground can be an exciting challenge for Debs and she is ready for a change. Before issuing ultimatums, Debs should decide what she really wants. Once this is done, she should stick with this decision and get on with it, whatever the consequences. The sooner she makes a move, the happier she will be.

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