Ask Russell!

“SJW from London asks about a career change..”

November 20, 2017

Hi, Russell, I recently returned to work , but finding it tough to settle in, as not my chosen area, is there any more suitable job out there for me?

Russell writes…

SJW has the Sun and Mercury in Aries and Venus, Mars and Saturn in Gemini. They need a job that stimulates their mind, keeps them busy and has work schedule flexibility. There is nothing in the world that would motivate SJW into doing boring work. They need work that engages their every sense. SJW should look on their present job as gaining valuable experience in the career world. It may not be ideal but Saturn, planet of karma, suggests that this is something they have to go through in order to grow and develop. There may not seem to be a lot of career choices over the next twelve months but SJW should use this time to study and gain qualifications that will help them advance in their career when the right time arises.

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