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“BM from Manchester asks about moving from her bungalow..”

November 06, 2017

Will I get another place to live as I'm not happy in my bungalow..?

Russell writes…

BM has a few planets in Fire signs indicating her strong drive to achieve goals once she has set the intention. She can also be very competitive and this suggests that if and when she does find a place that seems right for her, she will fight for it. Even when she's feeling miserable, she can be imaginative and Venus in Pisces can help her escape temporarily to happier places in her mind. BM could us this ability to her advantage. Through creating a mental image of her dream home, immersing herself in this scene and visualising herself as having achieved this goal, BM will increase her chances of getting another place. – Anyone can use this technique to help bring their dreams into fruition and BM's imagination is such that she will easily visualise herself achieving her goals. – BM's horoscope shows that she might find the ideal home around February next year and although this will be an arrangement that moves forward slowly, it will be favourable for her.

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