Ask Russell!

“Sabina from Bedfordshire asks about her bullying family..”

October 30, 2017

Russell, when will I be happy..? For 37 years I am being bullied by my family.

Russell writes…

Sagittarius Sabina has been bullied by her family. As a rule Sagittarians won't let other people's attitude bother them too much. They are confident and not easily influenced by others. Yet Sandy does care about what her family think to a point that she allows them to dictate the terms of their relationship. Being pushed around by people who are oblivious to Sandy's needs has become oppressive and is causing her upset and tension. Sandy has Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo. This gives her a strong sense of duty towards her loved ones and a desire to put other people's needs first, no matter what the sacrifice. Sandy can't keep trying to please others. She needs to stop letting her family push her around. As much as it goes against her personality, a few sharp words will be enough to silence them, temporarily. In the long-term, she needs to start standing up for her rights even if it means falling out of favour with her family. Pluto signifies power struggles over the year ahead but anyone who really loves Sandy should respect her brave stance.Whilst Sabina doesn't go into detail about the bullying, anyone who feels threatened or unsafe, should always contact Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. You deserve to feel safe and happy and it's OK to ask for help when you don't feel safe.

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