Ask Russell!

“Carolyn from Cannock asks about finding love and her finances..”

October 23, 2017

Russell, will I find new love soon and will I receive money..?

Russell writes…

Pisces Carolyn is an emotional empath. She absorbs the energy of other people including romantic partners and for her, an ideal relationship would be a one that allows her some personal space in order to prevent emotional overload. She needs a practical, good-humoured partner who will understand her sensitivity and occasional emotional outbursts. With Mercury in Aquarius, Carolyn is sociable and likes to have fun and she is likely to find happiness with someone like a Taurus, Scorpio or Aries. With Neptune close to Venus in her chart in 2018, Carolyn is will find happiness in romance but she needs to beware of looking at life through rose coloured glasses. The lucky planet Jupiter will be active in her chart over the next twelve months suggesting a positive change in income with the chance for her to be able to afford a few more luxuries.

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