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“Margaret from Bilston asks about moving to Australia...”

October 16, 2017

Hello Russell. My married son lives in Sydney Australia, he would love my partner and I to go and live there. We are wondering if this is right for us. We love Australia and its people.

Russell writes…

Deciding to emigrate is a big decision and a big commitment, emotionally and financially. Margaret, a Scorpio from Bilston ask whether going to live in Australia is right for them. Margaret's son lives in Sidney and he is encouraging this move. As a Scorpio with Venus and Saturn in Virgo, Margaret would never make such a big move without a lot of careful thought. Although she is curious as to what her horoscope reveals, it is in her nature to evaluate their options and she has probably already considered the cost, the choices available and weighed up the alternatives. Margaret also has Mars and Jupiter (planet of travel) in the adventurous sign Sagittarius. This is indication of her free spirit and love of exploring new places. A big change in her life is forecast for 2018 with Uranus linking with the Sun and Jupiter in her chart. There will be delays and problems to overcome but if after listening to her heart, this is what she really wants, this would be a good time to go for it.

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