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“C from Dorset asks about her son..”

October 09, 2017

Will my son settle down and be happy..?

Russell writes…

C from Dorset is asking about her Pisces son who keeps changing jobs and girlfriends. C divorced her husband ten years ago and since then her son's life has been unsettled. Mother and son are very close and she knows he is unhappy. All she wants is the comfort of knowing he will settle down, be happy and give her peace of mind as she worries a lot about him. Most Pisceans are sensitive and compassionate and there is a tendency towards vagueness and moodiness. Pisces can sometimes allow doubts about themselves to overwhelm them making them moody. A link between the Sun and Saturn shows that this Pisces is generally able to pursue ambitions with patience and determination. All he needs is to find something to get his teeth into. He will work best if he can set himself a far-off goal of what he wishes to achieve then once he has worked out the necessary steps to get there, this will help him tackle the challenges that may lie ahead. With determination C's son can succeed but it will take effort for a Uranus/Mars link, this year, suggests energy can be erratic and he may be prone to taking foolish risks. He should take time to make a detailed plan before springing into action.

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