Ask Russell!

“Ellen from South Wales asks about her career path..”

September 25, 2017

Where will my career path take me Russell..?

Russell writes…

With planets in Leo, Ellen needs to be active and to feel there is purpose to her work. She is creative and self-motivated. Although Cancerians are often shy, her Leo planets suggest that Ellen will prefer to work in the limelight where she is more likely to receive recognition for her talents. She is warm and generous and anyone who meets her won't ever forget her. Cancer is a caring sign and needing to help people is a big part of her personality. With the Sun opposite Neptune in her chart she should take care not to allow other people to take advantage of her caring nature. Nursing, midwifery, psychology and social work are all careers that might appeal to her now as the sensitive planet Neptune triggers the Sun/Neptune opposition I've just mentioned. She would also make a good care home manager or nursery worker.

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