Ask Russell!

“Lashmi from Berkshire wants to know about her partner”

September 18, 2017

Will my partner stay with me..? We have been together for 10 years but recently over the last 3 months we have drifted apart. I just can't figure out what's on his mind

Russell writes…

The couple have known each other for ten years but in the last few months have started to drift apart. With Venus in Scorpio Lashmi should trust her instincts if she feels the spark has gone out of their relationship. With planets in the Earth signs Taurus and Virgo, she is not a woman to easily give up on anything. Just because her partner might seem a little distant does not mean he is thinking about leaving her. It can take work to keep the passion alive. Lashmi might think about sprucing up her appearance. Tuning into the sensual side of her personality will also be very fulfilling and could make an impressive impact on her love life. Jupiter encourages a change of scene, this autumn, where this couple might sneak off to a private hideaway and get lost in each other's arms.

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