Ask Russell!

“Shena from Birmingham asks about finding a husband..?”

August 28, 2017

When will I find my future husband and will I get married?

Russell writes…

In all areas of life Virgos have high standards and always demand the best. Shena would be uncomfortable with outpourings of emotion and even when she feels strongly about someone, she will tend to keep her thoughts to herself. This can cause misunderstandings as it might seem to others that she is aloof or uncaring when underneath Shena is very sensitive. Because Shena dislikes crowded places, she is more likely to meet her soul-mate at a workshop, in a class, library or seminar. It will take a while for her to get affectionate but once she gives her heart, it will be forever. Shena is longing for love and this year she is likely to undergo a powerful transformation. If a lack of spontaneity caused problems in romance in the past, this is about to change. As the year ends she will have an opportunity to make a cherished dream come true.

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