Ask Russell!

“Billy from the North East asks about career prospects..”

August 07, 2017

Will there be any improvements in my career prospects Russell..?

Russell writes…

Aquarius Billy has the Sun and Mercury in Aquarius and Mars and Jupiter in Sagittarius. He is a good team player, has leadership qualities and will enjoy working with people from all walks of life. Finding a steady position in a big organisation would suit him best. If he is looking for a job, exploring government agencies, charities and cultural institutions are all good possibilities. Billy has a short attention span and will thrive when he has to attend to several jobs at once. This also helps stave off boredom as boredom undermines his productivity. Venturing out of familiar territory will feel liberating for this Aquarian. October and November are good months to apply for a new position. Uranus will bring positive change in his life but it will be up to Billy to make the most of any opportunities coming his way. Hesitate and the chance could be lost.

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