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“L from Derby asks about a fresh start..”

July 31, 2017

Hi I'm a Gemini woman. I'm struggling with money but want to move house and start a fresh for me and my children but I'm not quite sure. I have this feeling inside that things are going to change for the good but don't know when or how to go about it. I just don't know where to start. Thank you

Russell writes…

Gemini "L" from Derby wants to make a complete fresh start but is limited because money is tight. She has a feeling that things are going to change but she doesn't know when or what to do about it. Geminis can get restless and especially if things have been the same for years, their life can take on a dull, sameness. Life is an adventure and there will be a feeling of missing out when a lack of money restricts Gemini's movements. Yet with Mercury in Taurus, the only thing that is holding L back is their mind. In this sign, Mercury will keep finding excuses why L should not push themselves out of their comfort zone. L is intuitive and instinct tells them it is time for a change. They might start looking at other houses or applying for a house swap. L should act on opportunities to follow their vision and the Autumn is a good time to instigate change.

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