Ask Russell!

“Jinder from Newcastle asks about family and career..?”

July 24, 2017

Russell, I would love to know more about my daughter,moving house, job and myself getting love for life..?

Russell writes…

Scorpio Jinder from Newcastle asks about career, family and their prospects, too, for finding love. With a group of planets in Scorpio, Jinder is serious, intense and focused about everything that gets their interest. Anything that is hidden fascinates Jinder and they will delve and investigate, looking for hidden meanings. They can't help but feel suspicious if their daughter won't reveal what she is up to, but sometimes it's best to remain silent. No matter how much Jinder wants to help, other people will appreciate it if they are left to their own devices. If a house move is what Jinder is hoping for, Uranus suggests positive changes will come about. Home life may be disrupted for a while but this will be for the best. In the workplace, Jinder will be taking on new responsibilities. Old friends will be supportive and most things will go well over the year ahead but as far as romance goes, Jinder shouldn't settle for second best.

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