Ask Russell!

“Isabelle from Torquay asks about job prospects”

July 10, 2017

I am for the moment in between jobs for the first time ever and I feel quite down about it and it's causing problems with my partner and me, will there be any way out Russell..?

Russell writes…

Isabelle, an Aquarius from Torquay is between jobs at the moment. This is causing her to feel depressed which in turn affects her relationship with her partner. She asks whether there is a way out of this. It's never easy when one partner is unhappy and although Isabelle won't mean to take it out on her loved ones, she will tell it as it is. Venting her frustrations is not an ideal solution when it is starting to push her partner away. All the more confusing is that he has probably never seen this side of her nature and feels confused about how to react. Isabelle is going through emotions she has never felt before and with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius, she is struggling to understand what she really wants. She needs to get to the root of what's causing her frustration to understand herself. There's every chance it is not her job situation but something deeper that is bothering her and some counselling might help her work through her problems.

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