Ask Russell!

“Beatrice from London is looking for true happiness..”

July 04, 2017

Hi Russell, will I ever get the stable love and work that I am craving for? I am not a happy person at this moment financially, love wise and job wise..?

Russell writes…

Gemini Beatrice from London is unhappy with her life at the moment. It feels as if nothing is going right for her and all she wants is stability in love, money and work. With Venus and Mars in Cancer, Beatrice has a habit of clinging to situations even when they make her miserable. She would prefer to continue in the same direction in the hope that things will change rather than closing the door and leaving. Unfortunately, doing nothing won't help Beatrice's fortunes to change. If her present situation does not afford her the stability she craves, it may be necessary for her to switch gears and pursue new options. In 2018 Saturn will bring the end of a 29 year cycle and although it will take time, this is when Beatrice will be breaking away from old patterns and routines. Once she accepts her current situation isn't working for her anymore, she will start making changes. This might therefore be a good time for her to start crafting a strategy for long-term emotional and financial security.

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