Ask Russell!

“Alexandra from Glasgow asks about a house move”

June 26, 2017

Could you tell me when I am getting a house move? and can you see whether its in a seaside resort?
I would also like to ask if there is any future romances for me too?

Russell writes…

Alexandra who is a Sagittarius from Glasgow would love to move beside the sea. She also asks if there is any future romances in store. Uranus is suggesting some big changes coming up soon, both on the domestic front and in Alexandra's relationships. There is a strong likelihood that she will get her chance to move to another community. The autumn will bring an end to a particularly stressful episode but she may have to act quickly to take advantage of new opportunities. Fortunately, Alexandra is flexible in her thinking and will understand the need to make quick decisions. She may not accomplish everything she wants but she will be happy with a compromise.As she breaks free from an oppressive situation, she will also be clearing the path for romance. Patience will be a big necessity in 2018. It will take time to develop a new relationship.

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