Ask Russell!

“Frances from Glasgow asks about a past lover..”

June 19, 2017

Am I making the right decision? Is my past lover the one?

Russell writes…

Aries Frances from Glasgow is asking whether her past lover is her one true love. Frances has an independent personality. Her enthusiasm can be infectious and people will feel like anything is possible when she is on their team. With Venus in Aries, Frances is idealistic in love and putting people on pedestals can set herself up for disappointment. She can be quick to fall in love but relationships that start hastily are more likely to end in disaster. So, is Taurus the one? Frances asks whether she is making the right decision. If she is hoping to rekindle a heartfelt wish for a happy ever after romance with her ex, this could be the time to do so. Both Frances and her ex have Venus in Aries. Both have Mercury in Taurus. Both will give freely and willingly to each other and true love is all about give and take. When they're together, they have lots of fun and to enjoy a rewarding relationship this couple should make a pact to blast through any future obstacles together and to keep going when the going gets tough.

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