Ask Russell!

“Eliza from Renfrew asks about her finances..”

June 12, 2017

Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for me financially as I never seem to have anything at all since I retired and I am at my wits end with it all

Russell writes…

Money has been tight for Aries Eliza from Renfrew, Scotland who asks whether there is a light at the end of the tunnel for her, financially. Her current situation is all the more frustrating for the fact that with planets in Aries, Eliza will have jumped at any opportunity in the past to use her initiative. Climbing up the ladder to success will have been easy for Eliza who is also blessed with considerable leadership ability. Her attitude towards money is enterprising and ordinarily she has no problem taking risks. She will have enjoyed success materially and financially but now she is retired, she takes a more cautious view about spending money. With Mars close to Jupiter in Taurus, Eliza is driven by a need for greater security. She is not afraid to work hard for what she wants and she wants enough money to pay the bills and enjoy the occasional luxury – which may be difficult with her current income. Jupiter and Saturn, over the year ahead, show it isn't going to be easy for her, financially and it may be that Eliza might consider finding another source of income even if this means taking on part-time work to cover the bills.

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