Ask Russell!

“Pauline from Arbroath asks about love prospects..”

June 05, 2017

Will I ever find love with a caring and respectful man Russell?

Russell writes…

Leo Pauline from Arbroath asks if she will ever find love with a caring and respectful man. Pauline has Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all very close together in the sensitive sign Cancer. She is highly emotional and has always been empathic. In being able to sense other people's thoughts and feelings, there are manipulators who will have taken advantage of Pauline's kindness. Whereas Pauline would never intentionally hurt anyone, people in her life have played with her emotions and this will have left her feeling lonely and dejected. Pauline needs to beware of falling for anyone's sob story. This will not make her any less caring but it is time for her to protect her own interests. Pauline may need to concentrate on doing something kind for herself over the months ahead. She should make it her intention to love, laugh and be happy with friends. For Pauline, loving others is easy but the hardest part is loving herself. Pauline can empower herself by rebuilding up her confidence and changing her feelings of self-worth. True love might be found with a Cancerian or Piscean.

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