Ask Russell!

“Michelle from Grimsby asks about someone sharing her life with”

May 30, 2017

Will i ever find the right person to share my life with..?

Russell writes…

Scorpio, Michelle from Grimsby wonders whether she will ever find the right person to share her life with. Scorpio is a sensitive Water sign and Michelle also has Mars in Libra. She knows how to keep the peace and she will often sense which points in an argument to relinquish for the sake of harmony. Unfortunately, her man takes her kindness for weakness. Michelle's dilemma is that she likes her independence and feels better on her own. She is sensitive and understanding and Michelle needs someone who can appreciate her for who she is. She has had her fair share of disappointments in love and it might seem like this relationship is turning out to be another one of them. Over the next twelve months, Michelle's love life is likely to undergo renewal. Either a heart to heart will heal her pain and offer some encouragement or she might decide to end a relationship that is no longer meaningful to her. The good news is: December will be a great time to find a soul-mate. By May next year, she will feel as if a romantic dream has come true.

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