Ask Russell!

“Susan from Chester asks about moving abroad..”

May 22, 2017

Should I move abroad Russell..?

Russell writes…

Piscean Susan from Chester is asking whether she should move abroad. She also provides her Scorpio boyfriend's birth details. With Mars in Aries, Susan has an adventurous side and she can also be impulsive. Fortunately, Jupiter in Taurus will help keep her grounded. If Susan was to move abroad, it will not be a hasty move and she will try to keep to a sensible plan. She should however be prepared as change could happen very quickly and dreams may not turn out as expected. Before going ahead with any big move, Susan should ask herself whether it is really what she wants. It could also be that her boyfriend is not being entirely honest with her and could let her down at the eleventh hour. Even if he makes a commitment to move, he might find this hard to fulfil. This would be a great time for this couple to go on a journey and they should test the water before getting involved in anything unfamiliar.

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