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“CS from North Lincs asks about a job move..?”

May 15, 2017

I have recently left my previous employment after 15 years. It became a very toxic environment with change of management and myself moving within the firm through different departments.I would love to move away to a new town/county but we have a young son in junior school.I have various qualifications but do not have work experience to fulfill job criteria.

Russell writes…

Cancerian CS from North Lincs has recently left her job after fifteen years. It became a very toxic environment after a change of management. CS wonders what her next career move should be. With the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer, the caring profession or working for a charity would be ideal for CS. It will bring her great fulfilment to get paid to make the world a more humane place. CS has qualifications but not the work experience to fulfil job criteria. Volunteering for a charity would help her get some practical experience under her belt. Her challenge in 2017 will be to find ways to keep herself motivated. There will be challenges ahead and CS should prepare to make some adjustments. She would love to move to a new town or county but is concerned about how this will affect her young son in junior school. There is every chance he will quickly adapt so CS shouldn't let this deter her if she really wants to relocate.

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