Ask Russell!

“Mary from Cornwall asks about her leap of faith..?”

May 08, 2017

Have I taken the correct choice of starting a new life and career from scratch and what will be the outcome of this???

Russell writes…

Piscean, Mary from Cornwall, is asking whether she has made the right choice in starting a new life and career from scratch. She is wondering what the outcome might be. – It isn't easy for a Piscean to take a leap of faith. It will have taken a lot of courage for Mary to have made this move. Mary is intuitive and knowing she could trust her intuition will have given her the strength to take a risk. Last year, mystical Neptune was close to the Sun in her chart, prompting her to heed her instincts. Pluto close to Saturn will also have given Mary the nudge she needed to make some profound changes. Decisions made over the past year were serious with lasting consequences and will have resulted in letting go of old habits, routines and commitments to clear the way for the new. What might the outcome be? Pluto and Saturn continue to show that Mary is on the right path. She should stop worrying about whether she has done the right thing and feel confident that she is now forging a new path towards real happiness.

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