Ask Russell!

“Michelle from Scotland asks about her future...”

April 24, 2017

Hi Russell. What is my future..?

Russell writes…

Michelle from Scotland who is a Taurus born in 1971 has lost all hope of having a future. Taureans generally need a lot of encouragement before even thinking about making changes. This can keep them stuck in a rut but with three planets in Aries, Michelle is not afraid of taking risks. If Michelle looks back over the past few years, she'll notice there are areas of her life and relationships that have undergone some big change. Unfortunately, not all of these will have turned out as expected and may be the cause of her current disappointment. In her heart, Michelle feels she has made some wrong choices and it can take time to recover from serious setbacks. Her depression will lift in 2017 and although her life hasn't turned out as expected, better things are ahead. Michelle should not let mistakes of the past hold her back. When she feels a strong urge to make a change in the months ahead, she should trust her instincts as it will be meant to be. Breaking away from a difficult situation will give Michelle tremendous relief.

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