Ask Russell!

“Christine asks about a possible house move”

April 11, 2017

Will I ever move into a suitable affordable home Russell..?

Russell writes…

Taurus Christine from Chelmsford asks whether she will ever move into a suitable affordable home. As a Taurus, ‘suitable' is likely to describe a home that offers a degree of comfort. Furnishings will not only provide Christine with pleasure but give good value for money. Her home will always be neat and tidy and technology will be kept to a minimum. Taureans love their food and Christine's kitchen needs to be reasonably spacious with plenty worktops and storage space. Ideally, her new home should have a garden where Christine will make the most of all outdoor space. Failing that, she should look for a home near a park or on the outskirts of a town. Christine will experience some big changes between June and September and this could include a house move. She may not find the property of her dreams but even if it needs some work, she'll be up for the challenge to turn it into her ideal place.

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