Ask Russell!

“Emma from the UK”

April 03, 2017

Hi Russell, my question is about money. Having had a very rough 7 years, will my fortune change any time soon?

Russell writes…

Cancerian Emma has had a rough seven years and wonders if her fortune will change any time soon. Emma has a stellium of planets in Cancer. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn all close together in this sign. This places high emphasis on Cancerian related matters such as home, family and the need for emotional security. Emma will feel her life runs in patterns when often the same events seem to unfold time and time again maybe with different people, in different places but she will recognise these sequences repeating. From 2011/12 Emma will have felt caught in the path of some sweeping changes affecting her emotional life, close relationships, home and family. 2013 will have been a particularly difficult year and the year after slightly less intense. In 2016 for every forward move Emma made, she will have felt there were two steps backwards. Is this going to change? The good news is that 2017 will bring opportunities for Emma to land an impressive job. New experiences will be personally and professionally rewarding. Financially, her fortune could well change. Emma should also make an effort to be sociable and meet new people in order to combat loneliness.

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