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“Maria from Ayrshire asks if she's on the right path..?”

March 27, 2017

I currently work for a charity and have done for ten years. This past year it has changed so much in terms of new leadership. I love the work but find the new regime unbearable. I just don't know whether to stay and make it better or look for/create something new. I am very happy in my relationship and have a very loving family. I feel the need of something bigger in my life but don't know what. I've taken big risks in the past and they've turned out to be the best decisions ever!! I feel I'm at a crossroads now in my work - it needs to have meaning for me and needs to continue to have passion. Help?

Russell writes…

Libran Maria is at a crossroads in her work and isn't certain of what to do next. The charity she works for has changed so much and she now finds the new regime unbearable. It takes all kinds to make this world but with Scorpio in her chart, Maria is not a one to suffer fools gladly. If she cannot respect the new leadership team, she is unlikely to ever feel happy. A position with more challenge where she might preside over a team or use her skills and experience to bring out the best in others would bring her more satisfaction. With Uranus opposing her natal Sun, changes in her life in 2017 will be sudden and unexpected. Maria should keep on the lookout for new opportunities that allow her the chance to break out of this current cycle. Although she will feel nervous about her future prospects, there'll also be something exciting about starting afresh either within the charity she works for or with a new company.

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