Ask Russell!

“Angela from Scotland asks about an office romance..”

March 13, 2017

Am I wasting my time with James at work he's a Taurus..?

Russell writes…

There are signs of tension and frustration in Angela's chart over the months ahead. Geminis aren't comfortable being confined and breaking free of a restrictive situation will be tempting but there's also a contrary note in her Stars. This suggests she might regret any decision to split up, almost as soon as it is made. If and when Angela feels depressed she should seek a challenge, take a trip, or learn a new skill or language. She has a tendency to feel down when she gets caught in a rut and whereas James will thrive on predictability, Angela will find anything that's routine more irritating than comforting. The two of them will need to compromise if they are to get on with each other. Angela is unlikely to feel she has found her soul-mate in 2017 and should look within rather than rely on a relationship to bring her happiness.

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