Ask Russell!

“Ingela asks about her daughters future”

March 06, 2017

Dear Russell,My daughter, Samantha meet her future husband this year ? Can you see any children ?

Russell writes…

Gemini is an outgoing sign. Geminis love to mix with friends and they like their love relationships to be carefree and fun. Samantha, though, has Mercury and Venus in Cancer so when it comes to romance, she is looking for a special person to settle down with. She knows what she wants and is unlikely to be flexible about it. She needs someone who makes her feel safe and protected, who is loyal and loving and who will be willing to care for their family in a hands-on way. Her soul-mate could be a Cancerian, Piscean or Leo. If she is looking for love, Samantha might meet someone special in April, August or November but 2017 is when she is more likely to be looking for ways to improve her career prospects. As for the possibility of children: with planets in her secret zone, Samantha's privacy is of paramount importance to her and this is a subject she will probably prefer to keep private.

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