Ask Russell!

“Sharon from Coventry asks about a soulmate..”

February 20, 2017

Will I ever find a soulmate ? I'm confused!

Russell writes…

Hi Sharon, you say you feel confused and that could be because you have mixed feelings about what to expect in a soul mate. You're searching for someone who is sensible and also romantic. They need to be talented but also appreciative of your skills. They need to be open and honest as you can't abide aloof, brooding lovers. In addition to all of this you're looking for someone who knows what they want and who can make you feel safe and emotionally secure. The Taurus in you is determined and you like to feel you are in control of your relationships. You believe in commitment and stability. You also have Venus in Aries and Mars in Sagittarius. This side of you dreams of excitement and adventure with a brave hearted soul mate who is an excellent lover. Over the year ahead, instead of searching for someone who fits the soulmate mould, take the time to get to know someone who seems to be your polar opposite. For you could share an affinity that will take you both by surprise. Stranger things have happened.

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