Ask Russell!

“CB from Essex asks about finances”

January 23, 2017

Is my financial outlook going to change Russell..?

Russell writes…

Hi CB, It can be hard for people who were born on a cusp to work out which Star Sign to follow and this can only be determined from drawing up your horoscope from the time you were born. You do not give a time but I can see that the Sun moves into Sagittarius in the early hours of the morning of the 22nd November in 1972. This suggests to me that you are a Scorpio. You also have Mars in Scorpio which tells me you have a powerful personality and with Mercury in Sagittarius, you know your own mind. Jupiter, planet of luck and good fortune will be active in your chart over the year ahead so you can expect some pleasant surprises coming your way. Your finances may have seemed rather muddled of late but there is a chance that a sum of money will be making its way to you in April. August and November also stand out as months that could bring opportunities to radically improve your financial situation. Hard work will bring its just rewards and at times it will be all work and no play but by the autumn you will look back and feel it was well worth the effort.

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