Ask Russell!

“Beverley from London asks about a Sagittarius..”

January 16, 2017

Will Russell (Sagittarius) and I be together..?

Russell writes…

Hi Beverley, You will have a lot in common with Russell – a few differences too – but in many areas you share the same wavelength. You admire his sense of adventure, his sense of humour and best of all, the way he respects your need for independence. - You could never settle down with anyone who tried to restrict you or who treated you like they owned you. You've had a lot of experience, you've ‘been through it all' in one way or another and you are quite clear now about what you want out of your relationships. And currently, you want Russell. Will he feel the same way? I think Russell will find you interesting, he respects you for who you are and he admires the busy lifestyle you lead. In fact, it could be because you are both so busy with outside commitments, this has prevented your relationship from moving as quickly as you anticipated. You have a lot of change and challenges to come. Experiences you go through could also have an effect on your hopes and your long-term plans. It might sometimes seem as if you have no control over your life and I see big changes happening in your close relationships. Overcoming hurdles will certainly be a test of this relationship and either you will get through this together and it will strengthen your bond, or you could be going your separate ways.

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